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Period 8 House

I used this house as a CASE STUDY for the students of my most recent MASTER PRACTITIONERS COURSE in feng shui and it was truly the most incredible way to explain the complexities of the Flying Star formula. I really believe this is the best way to teach the practicar application of feng shui.
I am happy, to report that they loved the experience! We changed the roof to revitalize the heaven energy of the home. We dug out the fading marble floor and laid on lovely hardwood finishing instead. This rejuvenated the Earth energy of the house. Finally, we installed new doors and put in floor-length French windows to bring more light into the house, thereby transforming it into a Period 8 house.

Period 8 House
We knocked down walls and made the living area feel and look more spacious. The living room flows into the dining area, so that visually it is all one big space. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making sure every part of the first level of the house benefits from the auspicious 8 of the flying stars.


This is the number 8 water star, which brings wealth and prosperity energy, and the number 8 mountain star, which brings excellent good health and fabulous relationship luck. Spacious living is probably the most effective way of capturing the auspicious flying stars causing lucky chi energy to flow through the home unimpeded, never getting blocked or trapped in tight corners or tiny rooms. There is no place for negative chi to form and accumulate, or stagnate and cause yin spirit formation!

Working with my son-in-law, Chris, who was a great help really because he gave me the crucial design and structural inputs i.e. what I can and cannot do, we introduced some pretty savvy feng shui features into the house, and here, the pictures should speak louder than words. The following were some of the major things we did to create excellent up-to-date feng shui for the home.

  • We transformed the home into a vibrant period 8 house
  • We moved the main entrance to the center facing palace
  • We regularized the shape of the house with no more missing corners 
  • We reshaped the house to create auspicious dimensions throughout 
  • We successfully captured the 8 facing water star and the 8 sitting mountain star 
  • The swimming pool was located in the Southwest to attract immediate wealth luck 
  • A skylight was created to bring in auspicious heaven chi (for windfall luck) 
  • A view of distant houses attract a flow of continuous new energies 
  • The back of the house was built solidly against the hill to ensure good support. 

The house is almost done now, so I have been busy this past month selecting the trees and the plants to ensure there is equally good landscaping feng shui. It is so important to soften the modern lines of glass panes, white walls and granite floors. This is done with specially selected trees and I usually prefer trees that have small leaves. This discourages mosquitoes. Trees should also have leaves in the most pleasing shades of green as they filter the hot tropical sunlight of Malaysia.

It is important that the home attracts birds into the garden and this is done with specially-placed auspicious water features and decorative items. The garden makes living on landed property very meaningful, as it lets the occupants tap into the vast energy of the earth. This brings long-lasting abundance. The pool of water brings wealth luck. A good view of the blue skies above, especially when you can see the sun in the daytime and the moon at night, brings cosmic blessings from beyond, and if you feel gentle breezes kiss your face, these are the local spirits welcoming you! This ends Part 2 of Period 8 House.