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Feng Shui Wealth Vase Kit - The Power Of The Five Vases

In the practice of feng shui the principles of the five elements is fundamental; its correct application always bringing some amazingly positive results; not just in overcoming and exhausting serious afflictions and poison arrows in the environment, but more significantly, when "successfully captured" bring some pretty big benefits. The key to using Element Magic is to endeavor to have ALL five elements present in your living space - it is this that creates the powerful balance that achieves great feng shul! 

Feng Shui Wealth Vase Kit
One potent way to capture the chi energy of the five elements is to use the VASE. This receptacle which is always used to contain the "nectar of the Gods" is one of the most popular of feng shui symbols. Every room in the palaces of Beijing's Forbidden City used to have at least a pair or large vase receptacles decorated with incredibly beautiful auspicious images; and every wealthy home of the elite likewise always had Vases on display.

Last year a very high Lama from Sikkim, H.E, Ghurwang Rinpoche whose mother is a princess of Bhutan visited my home. He brought for me a lovely gift of FIVE VASES and explained to me their vast benefits ... they were small and suitable for my altar and he stressed that they signified the five elements. Those familiar with Tibetan Buddhist talismans of course understand the BIG significance of the five elements usually symbolized in their amulets with five colored thread or five colored cloth. This is because it is only when the five elements are present together can their full potential manifest.

I was also told that the larger the vases are, the greater would be their benefits although the size of one's space must of course not be overwhelmed. To activate the vase it is advisable to fill the white and blue Vases with saffron water, the green with flowers, the red with rice and the yellow with semi precious stones ... if this is too much trouble, filling all five vases with saffron water is also beneficial.

Here are the FIVE VASES we brought in, beautifully decorated with auspicious symbols of abundance, longevity and of increase and expansion - depicted in the five colors of earth, metal, water, wood and fire - yellow, white, blue, green and red. "lhe Vase is in a traditional shape which continues to be popular.

In feng shui the VASE signifies abundance and peace, the two things that make our lives wonderful. The Chinese word for vase is ping which sounds like peace. Having a vase in the living space creates a stable peaceful ambiance. If you have an altar display the five vases as offerings to your Buddhas. Otherwise place these powerful Vases prominently inside your home and in full view of the main door.

Treasure Vase

Attracting wealth can be really easy! Simply create this Abundant Treasure Vase in your home by following these simple steps: First, obtain a tall vase. Next, fill it with multiples of 8 precious things that symbolize wealth, i.e. ingots, cars, i-ching coins tied with red thread, dollar bills, gold bars, gem stones, mantra river stones, and so on. Place a Wealth God and a Wish Granting Tree on the top for good measure! Position it near your entrance. The Wealth star is located in the Northwest; place it in the Northwest corner of your living room, near your water feature. To find out more, you can check out Feng Shui Wealth Vase Kit.